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So, it’s another month and another group topic. I’ve been excited for this one because last month, I had the pleasure of attending LeakyCon, a Harry Potter fan based convention and let me say, it was amazing! I did two presentations and I’ve never spoken to a nicer more receptive audience than LeakyCon folks. In fact, this very audience inspired me to do the weekly Time Travel Tuesday posts AND to start watching Dr. Who and all those other time travel shows and movies that I have yet to see.

Anyway, Harry Potter…what have you done for me? What do I love most about HP? 
First of all, I love How fun it was to read and reread, trying to uncover a plot hole or major mistake
I never have found any, I’m sure there are plenty and many people who have told all about these, but for the most part, everyone does what they have to do in the series and the story does what it has to do. 
The second thing I loved most about Harry Potter was Piecing together threads that were implanted early on in the series. I loved those big aha moments when I went, “holy crap, that’s why Dumbledore looked so freakin excited about Voldemort using Harry’s blood to make his new body.” And J.K. Rowling made us wait a long time for those moments, many we had no idea would even connect to earlier events until we reached the final pages. 
I can honestly say that I have read every Harry Potter book between 6 and 10 times. I’ve Deathly Hallows more than any of the others. I think it’s my favorite but really everything from the second half of book 4 to book 7 is just equally brilliant and complex. 
So what did Harry Potter do for you? 
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