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Another monthly group post from teamTEENauthor folks! This month are theme is Olympic Dreams. I’m in the Writer’s Cave this week finishing up something, so I’m just linking a quick video of my favorite Olympic moment from watching the 1996 Olympics when I was 16 years old. I remember staying up so late every night to watch all the coverage and then I recorded every bit of gymnastics and watched those tapes (yes, VHS tapes!) over and over. Shannon Miller was my favorite gymnasts going into 1996 and I knew to complete her career she needed and individual Olympic Gold and this was her very last chance and she got it.I just can’t imagine thinking about all the stuff you have think about just being a teenager and having this big goal and getting up on that beam and performing for all those people.

And not falling off.

I know we write these characters in fantasy and sci-fi YA that have to save the world and act very adult but here’s a real life example of having that pressure at such a young age and stepping up to the plate.

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So, what is your favorite Olympic Moment of all time?


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