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I’m so excited for teamTEENauthor October Dare Day because this month we have a contest! A really BIG contest in the form of a scavenger hunt. If you want to know more about teamTEENauthor you can go here 

Why do we have dare day? Because we want our teen readers to see for themselves that we understand the angst and humiliation of the teen years, in fact, all of us were, at one point a teenager *gasp* and today some of us will be revealing bits of those years (at our therapists’ recommendation). Dare day happens 4 times a year and on the second Wednesday of each month, we have a group topic that we all blog about. 

The Perfect 10 teen panel came up with 3 options for us authors to choose from for the October 2012 Dare Day:

1) Cover your face with peanut butter and take a picture.
2) Write your most embarrassing moment from your teen years Shakespearean style.
3) post pictures and other links all about your celebrity teen heartthrob crush from middle school/high school. Your own Justin Beiber so to speak. 

This month, I have chosen number 3. So, here we go…the hot teen idol who occupied space in my middle school locker is actually two hot teen idols and I couldn’t choose between them, so let me know which one you would choose ( like if they were still teenagers and not 40 or 50).

Original Cast of the 90210

Both dudes came from a little show in the 90’s called Beverly Hills 90210 and let me tell you this show was it. From the time I was in 6th grade through 9th grade (maybe longer) everyone watched it and this was before DVRs and watching shows on computers. No one could dare show up at school following 90210 night having NOT watched the latest episode…fake illness until you had a chance to read TV Guide or get the 4-1-1 from a friend.  And the 90’s version of 90210 also came at a time when shows on non-cable stations with teenagers  were pretty squeaky clean. 90210 pushed the envelope, having episodes about sex, teen pregnancy, abortion, drug and alcohol addiction, HIV, catching a parent cheating…you name it, they covered it. And we were all glued. 

Guy #1: Jason Priestley

Picture from my 7th grade locker poster

This dude played good-guy, Brandon Walsh, on 90210…transfer student from Minnesota and twin brother to Brenda Walsh. Brandon didn’t do the committed relationships often, but he was always a gentleman for the most part, very smart, a great student, loyal as hell, and usually the one the others called when they’d gotten themselves into a bind. And boy did they get into some binds.


 Guy #2: Luke Perry

I had a matching button too

Luke Perry played bad-boy, Dylan Mckay…recovering alcoholic, non-conformist, full of mystery…Dylan’s character was most interesting to me because he has so much more depth than the others and he had a ton of room to grow (which he did quite a bit).

The funny thing is, most of my friends either had Brandon or Dylan posters and backpack buttons…it was kind of a Team Peeta and Team Gail situation, but I didn’t choose a side. And in addition to these posters I also had Brenda/Dylan couple pictures for the times when Dylan’s character dated Brandon twin sister Brendan. Because unlike many of my 13 year old friends, I didn’t actually want to date Luke Perry or pretend his poster in my locker meant we were dating, I loved the love story more than I loved inserting myself into their lives. I wanted to see Brenda and Dylan together and kissing and going to the Spring Dance (and then there was the hotel room after…in 6th grade, I could have survived with out that). 

So, I guess, if I were a 11, 12, or 13 years old today, I might be one of those kids who’d have a Justin and Selena poster in my locker or an Edward and Bella poster. I would have wanted to be reminded of the story more than anything. And I probably would have been secretly devastated if the latest issue of Tiger Beat reported a Bieber/Gomez breakup.


Many of the teamTEENauthors have also completed one of the Dare Day options, I’m including links to everyone’s blog whether they did the dare or not because you’re going to need these links for the contest.

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Suzanne Lazear
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Erika O’Rourke

Contest Ends Midnight, November 10, 2012 (CST)

How IT WORKS: Basically, the more entries we get, the more prizes we’ll give away, so tweet and facebook like crazy to increase your chances of winning. 1st place goes to the first random number drawn and that person gets first choice at a prize (some prizes are US only, so if you are international, you’ll be limited to the prizes that are open to international contestants)…2nd place is the second random number drawn  and they get second choice at a prize…and 3rd place gets third choice and so on. We’ll start with having 5 winners no matter how many entries we get (of course we’ll need at least five). For every 50 entries we get, we’ll be drawing another number on November 11, 2012. All numbers will be drawn on November 11 and winners contacted within a few days of that date.

So basically if we have 25 entries, we’ll draw 5 numbers on Nov. 11 and have 1st-5th place winners. If we get 50 entries, we’ll draw 6 numbers on Nov. 11 and have 1st-6th place winners. If we get 200 entries, we’ll draw 9 numbers on Nov. 11 and have 1st-9th place. 

Make sense? 

Also, read the entry form carefully because there are many opportunities to get your name into the draw multiple times by doing thing like following teamTEENauthor on twitter and liking the Facebook page.

The Prizes:

 1 personalized signed hardcover of REUNITED by Hilary Weisman Graham, signed REUNITED bookmarks & magnets for each prize pack, 1 REUNITED road-trip mixed CD (US ONLY). 


 1 personalized signed hardcover Tempest & Vortex ARC (together) by Julie Cross, up to 4 personalized signed hardcovers of Tempest, up to 5 personalized signed Tempest paperbacks (aval. 12/11/12), 20 signed bookmarks (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)


 1 set of the complete Torn Trilogy by Erica O’Rourke, personalized & signed + swag; winner’s choice of one personalized, signed book from the Torn Trilogy: TORN, TANGLED, or BOUND + swag (up to four sets); 5 signed swag packs (Verity’s postcards, trading cards, and bookmarks) (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)


 Up to 3 personalized, signed copies of CHASING THE SKIP by Janci Patterson (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)


 Signed, personalized copy of INNOCENT DARKNESS by Suzanne Lazear + swag (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)


 Personalized signed hardcovers of FAIR COIN and QUANTUM COIN (together) by E.C. Myers, 5 swag packs (signed bookmarks and postcards) (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)


 Three signed, personalized copies of TOUCHING THE SURFACE by Kimberly Sabatini + coordinating swag. Five additional swag packages (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)


1 personalized signed hardcover of BLIND SPOT by Laura Ellen, signed Blind Spot bookmarks & magnets for each prize pack (US ONLY)
1 personalized, signed copy of SACERDOS by Elizabeth Amisu (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)

 1 signed copy of THE NIGHTMARE AFFAIR by Mindee Arnett (will ship after release on 3/5/2013) and 3 swag packs (OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL)



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