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New Adult Contemporary Romance

**Mature situations and sexual content – recommended for ages 17+**

Temporary. That one single word best describes my life these last few years. I’m working at a temporary job until I can finally break free. I’m my little brother’s temporary mother since our mom doesn’t give a crap about either of us. And I’m that temporary girl all the guys want to get with because I give it up so easily. According to the rumors, at least.

But now I’m the temporary girlfriend of Drew Callahan, college football legend and all around golden guy. He’s beautiful, sweet—and he’s hiding way more secrets than I am. He’s brought me into this fake life where everyone seems to hate me. And everyone seems to want something from him. The only thing he seems to want though is…


I don’t know what to believe anymore. All I know is, I think Drew needs me. And I want to be there for him.


** spoiler alert ** This book has something I haven’t seen in a New Adult before – a guy with a history of sexual abuse. And the gray area that seems to come along with social stigmas associated with teenage guys and much older women. The author took the book from 2 stars to 3 stars the second she had her main character call it for what it was – he was molested by his stepmother. Whether he became a willing participant in the act or not, doesn’t matter. He was 14/15 and she was a fully grown adult in a parental position. She warped his entire view of sex and physical intimacy. She screwed him up and that’s exactly what Fable says at the end of the book. She won’t listen to Drew’s excuses, to Drew’s guilt. She knows that it’s messed up and yes, I got super uncomfortable as the details slowly unfolded but I’ve seen so much female victims and sexy guys coming to the rescue in New Adult (and of course this is a real and important story type to tell) it’s also important to see all sides of this form of abuse. 

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