//It’s teamTEENauthor DARE DAY!!

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Omg!! It’s teamTEENauthor Dare Day!! Today we have one new initiation and a few posts from some of the previous dares.

Here are the dares for today created by the Perfect 10 teen panel.

 1) Get 5 complete strangers to sign your arm with a pen or marker in a public place and have someone take pictures of  a couple people signing and of the finished product

2) Create and perform 60 seconds of choreography to a Justin Beiber or One Direction song and upload a video of it. You will be allowed background dancers (limit of 2). Does NOT have to be in public. The internet will be public enough.

3) Memorize one complete verse and the chorus to Nicki Manaj’s Super Bass and make a video of you singing it. Does NOT have to be in a public place.   

I had planned on earning my gold star but I’m having technically difficulties. So, here’s my photos from my “Wear your jeans inside out in a Burger King” dare:

Adam Leonard has an awesome video dare that involves a food fight, the band FUN and eggs being cracked on his head, you totally need check it out.

BUT newest member, E.C. Myers, author of recently released YA novel Fair Coin and forthcoming Quantum Coin (October 2012) tackled the One Direction dance video and I love this video so much. It just proves that we are all open for humiliation.

So please check these videos out and leave them some awesome comments and of course check out teamTEENauthors books because we have such a fabulous and diverse group. If you want to see the full list of authors go here

Next Dare Day is October 10, what would you guys like to see us do?


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