//In case you noticed my absence…

I’m spending the summer in southern New Jersey working at a creative arts camp. I’m having an amazing time watching these children (two of them came from my woman parts) grow and explore their artistic passions. But it’s a bit like being on a commune…I’m very out-of-touch with reality and have literally 20 minutes a day to get on the internet and almost no cell reception to make/return calls (or even to listen to my voice mail!)

So if you’ve emailed me, I’ve most likely read the email but I just haven’t had a chance to reply or might not until September. I had an out-of-office email set up for a short while but the replies kept bouncing back to me and got really annoying for my family that I do have to keep in touch with daily and for the people here at camp when information is sent to me via email.

Basically, I’ve a million bug bites, I’ve lost all concern for hygiene things like being sweaty and dirty and I am hooked to a walkie talkie 24/7. And I’m having an amazing experience!

See you all in September! Let me know what you’re up to this summer!


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