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I’m still adjusting to my new beautiful website so this is actually the very first blog post on the new platform that I am posting all by myself. The technically challenged have it so hard, let me tell you. I talk to people all the time who tell me, oh I had this idea for a book but I just don’t know how to write it…where do you even start? Do you buy a really thick notebook the size you think your story will be? And of course I’m thinking, what do mean, how do you write a book? You just start typing. For me, the world of websites, graphics, etc…is what I imagine novel writing is to those people mentioned above–a broad ambiguous series of ideas and mental pictures with no application instructions. Except my wonderful new website admins did provide very easy to use instructions. Thank God.

Anyway…things have been slow in the world of book releases for me lately but it’s literally the calm before the storm. In case you didn’t catch this cover reveal for my second co-authored novel with the awesome Mark Perini, YOU BEFORE ANYONE ELSE coming August 2, 2016, look up, it’s right there.

In September 2016, I will be debuting a new series with YA Entangled Publishing. The first book is called CHASING TRUTH (Cover and summary coming soon!) and it’s one part mystery and three parts romance with a splash of thriller and another splash of high school drama.

February 2017 will bring a winter to remember with the first book in the Juniper Falls series, OFF THE ICE. This contemporary YA series is heavy on the romance and town drama with a big scoop of cute boys in locker rooms. It’s Friday Night Lights with hockey, set in a fictional town in Northern Minnesota.

July 2017 will bring another OFF THE ICE story, companion style.

So…are you with me? Ready for a flood of Julie Cross books?

I know I can’t wait to share these stories I’ve been pouring my heart into for months now.




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  1. Danielle Soto April 17, 2017 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    When is the Sequel to Chasing truth coming out?….I am so Hooked on the first book I finished it in 2 days!! <3 🙂

  2. Hana January 25, 2018 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    Are there any more Letters to No-one books in the works?? All the goodreads questions you answered said February 2016 but obviously that passed a while ago!

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