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Today’s Time Travel Pick (information provided by IMDB and Netflix)

Title: Doctor Who Episode #5: World War Three
Type: TV series/British
Year: 2005-present
Genre: Drama, adventure, family
Rating: TVPG
**side note–Time Travel Tuesday isn’t always on Tuesday

Summary: The Doctor, Rose and Parliament official Harriet Jones discover the motive behind the alien crash-landing but are trapped inside 10 Downing Street.
Reader’s Take: I had a lot of trouble following this episode…maybe because I was also folding laundry. I loved Mickey getting along with Rose’s mom. Harriet was kind of awesome and she totally needs to run for office. I got really confused with the nuclear weapon part so feel free to explain this to me if you got it.
Inside The Writer’s Brain: Not much to report in this area because time travel wasn’t really a part of this episode. 

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    I guess it stopped here…bummer. Your commentaries were fun to read.

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