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Hey guys its Thursday again! This week I’ve been thinking about a couple of words that seem to be coming out of my mouth constantly. Those words are *drum roll* I want.
I want…. Sperry’s
I want… the iPhone 4S
I want… a vacation over spring break
             Totally material stuff right? It’s like I hear myself say those things and its not a big deal but now that I think about it it’s like why am I always trying to trade up? Why can’t I just be happy with what I’ve got? It could just be me but I want to hear what you guys think about this:
              This whole country is based off being able to move up the latter. We have a middle class and not just a strict your poor or your rich. Which is a beautiful thing! It’s what makes America great but I wonder if it’s spilling over into my greed.


              Have any of you guys ever seen the Lincoln car commercial? It’s something like this: You’ve been trading up your whole life; you went from buying of the rack to something that actually fits. Now that you comfortable in your own skin, lets talk about your car.   

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with trading up if you work hard for your money and want that new car, go ahead and buy it, let know one stop you! But for me what it translates into is being ungrateful I think.
I have plenty of shoes, and when I say that I mean it. I love shoes.  I have no need for Sperry’s so why do I want them so badly? They are totally overpriced! I mean seriously ninety dollars for a pair of boat shoes?! I think it’s probably because practically every person in my grade owns a pair of Sperry’s. My English teacher would say I’m succumbing to the bandwagon effect (for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about the bandwagon effect is like “Oh well we all eat pickles so you should eat pickles too”).   
I have the intensty 2 phone. It’s blue with a slide out full key board. Basically one of the only phones you can get from verizon without a data package (I have cheap parents).  It’s a year and a half old so naturally it’s a little beat up (not that me constantly droping it helps…). So I have to ask myself why do I feel so much envy when my best friend whips out her brand spanking new iphone 4S? I personally think its because of the town I come from. I live in a small suburb of cincinnati (no I’m not telling you which one) where a lot of well of people come because of the good public school system, mostly residential area, and pristene streets (It also doesn’t hurt that PG headquarters are in Cincinnati). So naturally these well off people would give their kids the best phones out there. Seriously if you came to my school you would see a sea of iphones with headphones in the ears of preppy young socialites. 

*sigh* my dream phone 

My spring break this year was last week. I spent it blissfully laying in my bed reading to my hearts content and hanging out with my one friend who didn’t go on vacation. But this week when all my friends got back sporting relaxed smiles and tans I felt really jealous. I wondered why couldn’t my family go on spring break? Is it really that hard to plan? But then I remembered the huge life changing vacation we went on last year. I remembered that we are going to flordia this summer. I remembered that I’ve been really ungrateful for what I have lately. I remembered that I have what I need and that, honestly, I don’t need anything I just mentioned


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