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It is time for another TeamTEENAuthor feature! EC Myers is the author of Fair Coin and Quantum Coin. Quantum Coin was actually just released on Tuesday! 

Perfect 10 Member Holly had a few questions for EC Myers…

How did you come up with the idea for Fair Coin?

Like many creative types, my mind works in strange ways. The tiniest thing can spark an idea: a misread word, an overheard line of conversation, an interesting article I read online. Some people call this inspiration, but I think my brain is just wired to make unusual connections that I can hopefully turn into stories people want to read. That said, I don’t know where the spark for Fair Coincame from, but it probably resulted from many of the books, movies, and TV shows I’ve consumed finally reaching critical mass in my subconscious and coming together in a surprising way, like life on Earth emerging from the primordial soup. One day an image flashed into my head of a boy wishing on a coin that changed the world around him in an expanding ripple. That was the idea, but the hard work came in trying to figure out what to do with it. Urging that small spark into a blazing fire of other ideas required discipline and collaboration from a lot of smart people who saw the potential in the story. So I guess the short answer is… luck.

How did you decide that it would be a coin that would be able to transport Ephraim everywhere?

The coin was part of that original image that came to me, but I didn’t know for sure what it was doing, if anything. At first I imagined that the wishing fountain itself was actually the mechanism, or part of it. But thinking about coins and flipping them, and the randomness of getting heads or tails, suggested the possibility of “positive” and “negative” outcomes on each flip. And I knew from the beginning that I wanted the seemingly-magical wishes to have a scientific explanation of parallel universes. The more I brainstormed the plot, the more obvious it seemed that the technology for traveling between those universes had to be portable, and it had to be easy enough to use for Ephraim not to realize what was happening to him. As it turns out, I revisited the idea of the fountain as a machine after all at the end of Fair Coin and in Quantum Coin.
In the book the majority of the scenes take place in several different universes to our own. Do you think this could be possible that there are other dimensions/universes?
By now, we know there almost certainly are, but they may not be identical to our own. There are a handful of theories in quantum physics that support the idea of other dimensions, pocket universes, and the like. But even if the math suggests that there is another version of you out there somewhere, because probability says there hasto be, it’s a bit difficult to believe. And unfortunately, as with time travel and faster-than-light travel, we will probably never be able to visit any universes outside, or hidden within, this one. That’s what fiction is for…

Now here’s what Perfect 10 member Holly had to say about Fair Coin:

“Everyone in their lifetime has at least thought once “I wish” whether it be for something good or something bad to happen , but what we don’t think about are the consequences that would come with that wish coming true. “Fair Coin” brings that idea to life and makes you think about the phrase”be careful what you wish for ” because you never know what will happen once you make that wish. I read this book in under a day, because I was that hooked on the idea of what would you do if you had a magic coin that granted you wishes and I wanted to know what happened next so I couldn’t put it down for more than five minutes. This was such a great and fun book to read no matter how old you are , so if you have ever wondered “what if” read this you will soon find out.”-Holly, age 17, UK resident

Haven’t heard of Fair Coin? Here’s a bit about it (via Goodreads): Sixteen-year-old Ephraim Scott is horrified when he comes home from school and finds his mother unconscious at the kitchen table, clutching a bottle of pills. The reason for her suicide attempt is even more disturbing: she thought she’d identified Ephraim’s body at the hospital that day.

Among his dead double’s belongings, Ephraim finds a strange coin—a coin that grants wishes when he flips it. With a flick of his thumb, he can turn his alcoholic mother into a model parent and catch the eye of the girl he’s liked since second grade. But the coin doesn’t always change things for the better. And a bad flip can destroy other people’s lives as easily as it rebuilds his own.

The coin could give Ephraim everything he’s ever wanted—if he learns to control its power before his luck runs out.

E.C. Myers was assembled in the U.S. from Korean and German parts and raised in Yonkers, NY by his mother and the public library. He is a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and a member of the prolific NYC writing group Altered Fluid. In the rare moments when he isn’t writing, he blogs about Star Trek at The Viewscreen, reads constantly, plays video games, watches films and television, sleeps as little as possible, and spends far too much time on the internet. FAIR COIN is his first novel. Find him on the web at his website, twitter, Goodreads

Have you read Fair Coin or Quantum Coin yet? What did you think? 

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