//teamTEENauthor December: Break Ups

I’m a little late with the group post this month and honestly, though the topic is one that I’m so compelled to re-explore, I got really blocked when I tried to form an actual post for you guys. Maybe my expectations for myself were too high or maybe it really had been too long since I’ve experienced a break up in any sense. I’m not sure. So I’m leaving it up to my teamTEENauthor friends who have written some great stories for all of you to read. And let me tell you, these are 120% worth reading. Seriously.

Author, Hilary Weisman Graham has written a beautiful post about friendship break ups and how her own split with her BFF inspired her debut novel, REUNITED. 

Author E.C. Myers has provided us with a story about the girl who left him for God and the reality of the immediate break up aftermath versus the long term break up aftermath. I think many of you will wholeheartedly relate to this one.

Elizabeth Amisu shares and excerpt from her book to explain why breaking up seems to be a recurring theme in her writing. 

In author, Janci Patterson’s post she talks about her high school boyfriend and the dreaded, pre-college break up. Her story is so similar to Holly and David’s break up in Tempest (well not in Tempest but in Holly’s diary entries).

Speaking of Holly’s diary entries, I almost wanted to use that entry for my post today but it would require me also including the three entries before that. So, if you’re are really DYING to read Holly and David’s break up then shout it really loud here in the comment section and maybe I can get permission to do this.

Thanks so much to my teamTEENauthor friends for these awesome stories. I think this marked my favorite group post even though I didn’t have a story of my own in this post, I enjoyed reading everyone’s so much. 

Also, we want to hear your break up stories. Sometimes it’s cleansing to talk about so let’s hear it!


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