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If you haven’t already heard of about teamTEENauthor, you can get more info here. 

So, tomorrow, June 13 marks the very first teamTEENauthor DARE DAY. Basically, this is a modification of the former Truth or Dare challenge. In fact, since a few of our lovely authors have already taken the time to humiliate themselves months ago, they might be posting evidence of a previous dare. The truth option has been abolished.

DARE DAY will happen four time a year now and it’s our way of saying, here’s our newest members and their book is coming out really soon, come see how ridiculous they look doing the chicken Dance in Target or whatever is that month’s dare.

The Perfect 10, my awesome teen panel is truly the instigators behind the dares this month. Here are the 3 options they have given us:

1) Get 5 complete strangers to sign your arm with a pen or marker in a public place and have someone take pictures of  a couple people signing and of the finished product

2) Create and perform 60 seconds of choreography to a Justin Beiber or One Direction song and upload a video of it. You will be allowed background dancers (limit of 2). Does NOT have to be in public. The internet will be public enough.

3) Memorize one complete verse and the chorus to Nicki Manaj’s Super Bass and make a video of you singing it. Does NOT have to be in a public place.   

The next DARE DAY will be October 10, 2012 and it will include a whole new set of dares. For those of us that have fulfilled our group initiation requirements, we can participate in DARE DAYS to earn GOLD STARS next to our names on the teamTEENauthor page. I’ll be earning my first gold star tomorrow and it’s gonna be bad…trust me.


In addition to DARE DAYS four times a year, teamTEENauthor will also do monthly group topic posts. Most of us will post on the second Wednesday of the month. I chose a word for each month and group members are free to get creative and do whatever they’d like with that word. July’s word is BULLY and that topic will be explored on or around July 11. If you’d also like to blog about this topic, we’d love to have links to your post as so place them in the comment section of any teamTEENauthor post or use one of our other social media outlets:

Email: teamteenauthor@gmail.com
Twitter: @teamTEENauthor

HAPPY Book Birthday to teamTEENauthor member, Hilary Weisman Graham! her YA debut, REUNITED released today and you can buy it anywhere books are sold! The Perfect 10 will be posting a book review very soon so keep checking back for that.

Be sure to check back tomorrow so you can see evidence of my DARE DAY performance and links to everyone elses’ evidence! Also, if you have a dare or topic suggestions feel free to tweet them or email them to the address listed above. 

And if you are a traditionally published or soon-to-be published YA author who would like to join the fun, there is still room for more, email above address for details!


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