//Spring Tempest Relay Update #1

You guys, today is the day you can sign up for the summer Tempest relay!! I am VERY excited about these relays, and for everybody to be reading Tempest! I can say how awesome Tempest is because I didn’t write it. πŸ˜‰ ha! but here’s the deal: read the page (linked above, and also here again) in its entirety and email Julie if you want to be a part of the summer Tempest relay. The page has all the information, so please read it before emailing Julie. 

And onto the updates for the first Spring Tempest Relay. 

Team Sara S. 
Age: Senior in high school
From: Ohio
Motto: Even if I COULD time-travel like Jackson in Tempest, I wouldn’t need to go back in time to get more people on my relay team. Team Sara S. is going to DOMINATE. Get ready, Team Leaders, the relay is ON.”
Team Sara S. is working hard and 3 people have read Tempest so far! HUZZAH!

Team Sarah A.
Age: 21
From: Arizona
Motto: “Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next.” —George Steinbrenner (sidenote: OMG I love this motto. LOOOOVE!)

For the Team Sarah A.’s standing, so far two people have read Tempest! hooray!

Team Sammy (Perfect 10 Member)
So far only one person has read Tempest for Team Sammy.
Team Hannah (Perfect 10 Member)
For Team Hannah, one person has read Tempest!
Team Esther (Perfect 10 Member)
So far only one person has read Tempest for Team Esther.

Team Katelynn
Age: 11
From: KY

Team Katelynn has been ROLLING. Three people have read Tempest, and Katelynn has taken a picture of what they wrote in the book!

obviously, clicky to embiggen. πŸ™‚
SO COOL! I love that everybody is liking Tempest!
Team Hope
Age: 17
From: Georgia
Hope just got her book this week, so we don’t have standings for her yet. 
Team Erica (Perfect 10 Member)

So far only one person has read Tempest for Team Erica.

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