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Today is the day to buy my newest YA contemporary, Whatever Life Throws At You!

Life loves a good curveball…

Seventeen-year-old Annie Lucas’s life is completely upended the moment her dad returns to the major leagues as the new pitching coach for the Kansas City Royals. Now she’s living in Missouri (too cold), attending an all-girls school (no boys), and navigating the strange world of professional sports. But Annie has dreams of her own—most of which involve placing first at every track meet…and one starring the Royals’ super-hot rookie pitcher.

But nineteen-year-old Jason Brody is completely, utterly, and totally off-limits. Besides, her dad would kill them both several times over. Not to mention Brody has something of a past, and his fan club is filled with C-cupped models, not smart-mouthed high school “brats” who can run the pants off every player on the team. Annie has enough on her plate without taking their friendship to the next level. The last thing she should be doing is falling in love.

But baseball isn’t just a game. It’s life. And sometimes, it can break your heart…

So here is some interesting insight into the making of this story. When I set out to face Major League Baseball, I wanted to create a completely fictional setting but with a real team. My husband suggested Kansas City Royals because he couldn’t name a single current player (he could name some former players) and because he said they’re never in the headlines/playoffs/post season. Well, he’s an avid, life long St. Louis Cardinals fan and they always seem to be in the mix of playoffs so I had to look up KC’s records and see if they really were regular losers by general definition. Google told me right away that they hadn’t been in the playoffs since 1985.

I began writing this book in the Spring of 2013 and thought I’d chosen the perfect team to be brought up from the dead in my fictional world. I had no idea it would come true in real life. I’m a fan of the sport of baseball but have never followed a team too closely. Until now.

So yay for release day and yay for the Royals and their three game sweep. It’s quite possible a World Series title may be in the cards in Whatever Life Throws at You and if real life continues to follow the events of this book…

What team is everyone following right now? If you’re not a sports fan, do you like sports in a fictional setting?


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  1. Ashley @ Book Labyrinth October 7, 2014 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Congrats on the release!! I keep thinking about the book when I hear news about the Royals. Quick, give us some numbers for the lottery. 😉

    Re: following a sports team, I don't like baseball at all, but I suppose I halfheartedly cheer for the Blue Jays, just based on geographic location and because of my Nana's undying love for them. Personally I'm more excited about it being hockey season! And weirdly, yes, I absolutely adore books or TV shows that have all kinds of sports in them. I mean, I couldn't care less about baseball or football, but fictional stories with them? Adore! I think there's something about a sports team that brings something exciting to the story and the characters.

  2. Julie Cross October 7, 2014 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    I totally know what you mean about the fictional sports stories! I think maybe it also has to do with having very driven characters that are easy to root for.

  3. Mark Perini October 8, 2014 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Congratulations on the release Julie! Can't wait to read the finished product! The publisher designed such a beautiful book!

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