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Suggestion from @biinou on twitter. Thanks so much for this, it made me work at least a tiny bit.

And remember, the books in my QOD segments do NOT exist in real life. It’s just for fun. And yes, there will be mistakes and typos. I limit myself to no more than 20-30 minutes on each of these.

The last thing Alison Petty wants to do during the summer before her senior is work for her dad’s plumbing company. Unfortunately, all the good jobs in her small town were taken by college kids and besides, it’s not like she can really tell her dad she’d rather pick corn in the ninety degree weather than learn about the business he’s worked so hard to build. 
At first, Alison is just fielding calls in the office, creating invoices and ordering parts. But when an emergency call comes in and none of the guys are able to take the job, Alison heads over to at least buy some time before the distressed woman on the phone calls, Crappers and Pipes, her dad’s biggest and only competitor in town. Turns out Alison may have a knack for fixing toilets. In fact, she gets so good at the job, the guys at work start calling her the Toilet Whisperer.  Her reputation even spreads to the employees at Crappers and Pipes, including Jeb Leonard the boy Alison crushed on freshman year when she did stage crew for the Senior play.  Jeb’s home from college for the summer and somehow they keep bumping into each other. 
Problem is, it’s a little difficult to get a hot guy like Jeb to swoon over you while wearing dirty gray coveralls with God knows what stuck in your hair from the five toilets you plunged that morning.  And to be honest, Alison’s slacked on her grooming habits since hanging around with sloppy guys who could care less whether her legs are shaved, hair styled, or nails done. 
Things really get tense when Crappers and Pipes runs a promotion to get town residents to pay a yearly fee for unlimited plumbing services. Alison’s dad can’t possibly keep his business in the black with everyone committing to the competitor. Don’t they realize they’re losing out on the personal attention her dad’s company gives to each client? Alison herself has solved sibling disputes, a cake decorating mishap, and even a marital crisis or two all while  grasping a plunger or hanging her head under the kitchen sink. You don’t see Crappers and Pipes employees handing over tissues and listening to grown men cry. 
Alison decides it’s time for a plumber makeover. Why shouldn’t she change the face of the pipe and toilet engineering industry? Her team is going to dress better, provide friendlier service, refrain from picking wedgies or ever showing their crack to a single living soul. And to set them a notch above the competitor, Alison starts leaving tiny hand decorated bags of homemade caramels using her grandmother’s secret recipe. And the results even surprise her father who’s been in the industry for nearly twenty years. But her ideas for improved and the makeover aren’t completely self-less. She’s hoping this will help her chances with Jeb, but as the friction between the two companies build, Alison knows she’s going to have to make the difficult choice between love and family. 
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  1. Dianne April 19, 2013 at 2:42 pm - Reply

    A resounding YES! I will absolutely read this. I do wish someone gets to this STAT. Haha!

  2. Charlie Sean April 19, 2013 at 7:32 pm - Reply

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  3. Grayson Daniels April 20, 2013 at 12:09 am - Reply

    Not bad Julie you have a great creative mind when it comes to making stories 🙂

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