//Meet a Member: Loulouvoo

Meet kent lady Loulouvoo!

Grade: final year of secondary school Yr 11 (16)
Hometown: Kent United Kingdom
5 interesting facts:
-i’m learning to play the sax
-i play badminton 
-love to read! ( you heard of the original gangster? well i’m the original booknerdster )
-mastered in the art of sarcasm 
-And… science is my best subject (shocker but i either put that or my worst which is maths >:/ man i hate that subject…)
Fav books:
-The Hunger Games Series ( Love, Love, Loved that series except the last one…)
-Shiver series
-Hush Hush series
-Gone series
-Unearthly series
-Dark heart rising series
-Angel series

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