Join the Tempest Challenge!

//Join the Tempest Challenge!

Have you been wanting to start the Tempest trilogy but haven’t gotten the chance? Or maybe you’ve read one or two of the books but haven’t finished the series?

Or maybe you’ve read all the books and either want to re-read (let’s face it, it’s a brain bending series that needs a double take sometimes) or want to follow along online while Tempest virgins tweet or blog about their experiences?


March may be the month for you! Anyone who says yes to one of the above questions should sign up now for the Tempest Challenge! I’m not going to say exactly what I’ll be giving away (because come on, you should want to read the books, right?) but I will say that it’s gonna be awesome and spontaneous!

You don’t have to be a blogger to participate and you don’t have to be on twitter. All are welcome.


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