As a result of my online game of truth or dare, a game I’m using to initiate members to my very own exclusive author club, teamTEENauthor (learn more here), I have completed my very first DARE.

**side note-if you don’t qualify for teamTEENauthor but still want to do your own truth or dare post, go for it! the more the better. Just copy the exact questions from my post, answer them or say: DARE. Put the link in the comment section of my truth or dare post and I’ll add you to the list of bloggers completing the truth or dare challenge on this page

My first dare came from K. Turley and this is what it said:

“Take a picture of yourself wearing a pair of jeans inside out in the dining room of any fast food chain of your choice.”

I chose Burger King and I should also note that this picture was taken today, only hours after getting my wisdom teeth out. So, its not my best photo ever in without the inside out jeans. But here you go…Dare Complete…score one for Julie Cross

Julie Cross at Burger King with her jeans inside out

Also at Burger King with inside out Jeans

I should also note that I’m writing this blog post while on pain medication. This may or may not enhance the quality.