//Diversify NA: What would you like to see in future New Adult novels?

So, if you look up above this post, you’ll see the poll I’ve just added where you can vote for things you’d like to see in NA novels. Here are some things to keep in mind if you choose to vote:

1) Nobody is going to pat you on the back or call you a hero because you selected something that might indicate you would read a book with a main character in a wheel chair. Voting is anonymous. 

2) I’m really hoping this poll can be used as a tool for new authors, current authors and just beginning to write authors so that we know what all of you want to read about. Please select only topics you’d most likely read (and essentially purchase) a book about. What you buy and choose to read about is YOUR choice and no one should ever make you feel inferior or guilty for what you read.

3) Please, PLEASE select one of the answer choices that tell how frequently you read the New Adult (NA) genre. New Adult is typically characters aged 18-22 and almost always includes a romantic element.

4) If you know of any NA novels that cover topics listed in the poll please comment here and let everyone know or email me juliecrossauthor(at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll post the title/author in the comments. Even if you don’t like the book, at least help make readers aware of it’s topics. We’d really love to hear these. This whole poll began because I was looking for some of these topics for my next book to read and no had suggestions on twitter but TONs of people replied and asked would I please let them know if I learned of any.

Things I Intentionally Left off of the Poll

1) MCs with PTSD/Anxiety disorder/panic attacks due to a recent or past traumatic event. This is a very important topic to cover through fiction and one I particularly love to read, but there are currently many titles out there that fall under this area.

2) Grief/grieving. Great topic, but there are many books available that cover this in the genre.

3) Abuse of either physical or sexual nature. Also well important and also well-covered.Not that more is bad, but I don’t think authors avoid this topic for fear that’s it’s too different or readers won’t go for it. That’s what I’m trying to do–help authors write a subject they connect to but isn’t “the norm” and do so fearlessly thanks to your encouragement.

4) Non-contemporary NA. I left this off because I’ve seen several recent deals for upcoming books that fall under this area.

5) NA set in a foreign country (well, foreign to me, I’m in America). Left this off because there are a decent amount of these. But seriously, I want MORE!  

If I Forgot Anything!

Please email me any suggestion for poll additions. We are all narrow-minded in some way or another and one person cannot possibly think up all the diverse possibilities. juliecrossauthor(at) gmail (dot) com or leave suggestions in comment section. You can even take a few sentences to tell me how awful I am for not thinking of ____ topic.

Also, there’s no spell check on the poll so feel free to email me typos/spelling errors. They’re hard to catch in those tiny boxes and you have to scroll sideways to read parts of it and yeah…

Now go take the poll! 


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