YA Scavenger Hunt (YASH) Coming This Thursday!

 Hello YA Fans!I'm very exited to reveal to you the 60, count 'em 60 authors that will be featured on the Fall 2013 YA Scavenger Hunt! That means that not only do you get access to exclusive bonus material from each one, and a chance to enter so many contests that it will blow your [...]

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  I'm so excited for teamTEENauthor October Dare Day because this month we have a contest! A really BIG contest in the form of a scavenger hunt. If you want to know more about teamTEENauthor you can go here Why do we have dare day? Because we want our teen readers to see for themselves that [...]

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getting The Talk: Win a signed copy of TEMPEST!

Those of you that don't know me and haven't read the About Me section on this blog (look up), I have three kids and my oldest is in middle school this year. For the past few months, I've been contemplating (and denying) the fact that eventually I'm gonna have to have "the talk" with him.Yeah, [...]

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Introducing teen me: Win a copy of Tempest!

First off, I'll be announcing the winner of the Spew Story contest tomorrow morning on the blog so check back then! And guess what? There's another chance to win a personalized, signed copy of Tempest in this post, so keep reading! In late 2010, I participated in the "Dear Teen Me" project, which is a [...]

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