/Contest Winner Announced

Tempest + Vortex winners

So a few weeks ago, Julie hosted a contest to win both TEMPEST and VORTEX . . . and  a LOT of people wanted them! AS YOU SHOULD. VORTEX is amazing, and these following people are very lucky to get their hands on a copy!#357 is . . . Luisa F. O.!#353 is . . [...]

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Winner Annouced! Rift Riders signed copy

The winner of the Signed copy of Rift Riders by Adam Leonard is....RACHEL!!Congrats, Rachel and please email at Juliecross1 (at) live (dot) com with your address and I will get you book in the mail asap!Thanks,Julie

Winner Annouced! Rift Riders signed copy2016-01-20T08:39:48+00:00

and the winner is…

The winner of the random drawing from last week's getting The Talk contest is Serena Knight! Please email me with you address so I can get your signed copy in the mail Juliecross1 (at) live (dot) comCongrats, Serena!

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This Week’s Contest Winner!

So, the votes are in for the letter to your younger self contest! First, I just have to say how much I enjoyed reading ALL of these letters. You guys are just amazing and awesome, as is The Perfect 10 for their insight and great judging.This week's contest resulted in a TIE! That's right...two winning [...]

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And the winner is….

The vote is in and The Perfect 10 have chosen....Kayla!! Here is Kayla's awesomely disgusting, humiliating spew story:"At the mall on a crowded saturday afternoon. lol. I had orange chicken and rice and orange juice before going(seemed like a good idea at the time....both have oranges....),and when i suddenly felt really bad and went to [...]

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