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YA Neighborly Love Books: Julie’s Weekly Review

This is an odd theme, I realize that, but I'm all about odd themes. If fact, if you look up at the tabs, you can read lists from previous week themes.So, neighborly love books are about finding love or at least a little fling with the character next door or down the street, or at [...]

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YA Road Trip Books: Julie’s Weekly Review

Amy Curry thinks her life sucks. Her mom decides to move from California to Connecticut to start anew--just in time for Amy's senior year. Her dad recently died in a car accident. So Amy embarks on a road trip to escape from it all, driving cross-country from the home she's always known toward her new [...]

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UN-COVERED #7: How Mark Got Into Modelling

Mark Perini aka model JacksonSo . . . Mark is pretty much the coolest guy ever. You can tell by the past UN-COVERED episodes: Episode #1Episode #2Episode #3Episode #4Episode #5Episode #6 Or even just by reading his "how I got into Modelling" story because it's AWESOME. *** The story of how I got started goes like this...I was working [...]

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YA Titles On Death And Dying

I scheduled this theme before I knew what a hard week this would be for me to choose this particular theme, but I truly feel these books are so important and maybe more important after we've experienced loss of our own.On Saturday, I wrote a post devoted to my grandfather whom my family lost this [...]

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Moments I Can Recall Without Even Trying: A Dedication to My Grandfather

My Grandpa, February 7, 1928--September 15, 2012This post is solely for the purpose of expressing my feelings of loss, grief, and emotion in the way I'm most comfortably expressing it...behind my computer, with written words. But comments and personal stories are completely welcome.When I first allowed myself to envision this day, I thought that I [...]

Moments I Can Recall Without Even Trying: A Dedication to My Grandfather2018-02-19T13:58:13+00:00

UN-COVERED #6: Mark Perini Reviews Looking for Alaska

 As a result of the last episode of UN-COVERED and your votes, the topic chosen for Mark (aka-model Jackson) to blog about is Mark reviewing a YA favorite. He chose Looking For Alaska, by John Green and I decided to include his review this week since it’s Boarding School week and this is, in fact, [...]

UN-COVERED #6: Mark Perini Reviews Looking for Alaska2018-02-19T13:58:13+00:00

YA Boarding Schools: Interviews with Boarding School Students

Continuing our YA Boarding School theme from Monday’s post, I had the pleasure of interviewing two teens who currently attend actual boarding schools! How awesome is that? Here’s what I found out from Kristina and Allie. Kristina attends a school in New York that boards only part time except for international students and Allie attends [...]

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German Tempest Trailer! A Must see!

I'm so excited about this trailer because...hello, it's real people that are like German versions of Jackson and Holly. First off, German Tempest isn't actually called German Tempest. It's called Sturz In Die Zeit which translated to, Fall Into Time...cool, huh?The only downfall is that Mark Perini isn't on the cover of this one. I [...]

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YA Boarding School Books

This week is all about YA books set in boarding schools. Only, I’ve added a twist and decided only the non-magical, non-supernatural titles will be included. I did this because I wanted to present a real, true look at boarding school. In fact, on Thursday the P10 members and guest members will be suggesting titles [...]

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I know. You have questions about this segment, right? Like what is this Opposites Attract thing? What crazy scheme is Julie Cross up to now? Why does she always talk so much and overuse the words—so, okay, basically, just—oh…and ellipses, what’s up with all the ellipses?!    I’m not sure I can answer all those [...]

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