//A dozen items from my author bucket list

If you want to read this, you have to promise not to laugh.

Can you do that? Can you cross your heart and swear on a copy of your favorite novel?

These are the things I daydream about but I don’t dare wish for. Things that will challenge my skill and possibly result in failure. Things I’ve been way too afraid to speak aloud. Things I’m too embarrassed to admit that I want.

1. write a screenplay or episode for a TV show/series; I want to see my story come to life with real people.

2. be a NYT Bestselling author

3. do a book signing in another country

4. write an entire novel in letters or texting or other non-traditional narration

5. ghost write a novel

6. write a YA under a male author name

7. write a novel that tells the story in reverse order, like the movie MEMENTO

8. co-write a novel with either or all of the following authors: John Green, David Levithan, Rainbow Rowell, Jandy Nelson, or Courtney Summers. Or with a family member (like my husband or sister or one of my kids)

9. Live in a different city for an entire month and write a book set in that city or other similar hands-on research

10. learn how to write song lyrics

11. write a book that I’m never allowed to show anyone. Ever

12. tackle a story with complete abandonment, no holding back, no trying to fit in. No regrets

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your list? 

I want to get other authors participating and fearlessly sharing their dozen bucket list items, so if you do this, please tweet me the link or leave it in the comments for others to see. 

Even adults who have experienced success in the industry are allowed to daydream about something bigger, better, or different. And rarely are we asked about what we wish for and there is much to be learned from hearing these things, right?

Since she and I share an upcoming release date for our Entangled Teen YA novels, I’m going to challenge Shannon Lee Alexander, author of the fabulous and heartbreaking novel, Love and Other Unknown Variables to create her own dozen item author bucket list. If she hasn’t posted her list yet, go bug her on twitter to get going.


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  1. Shannon Alexander September 9, 2014 at 7:06 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the challenge, Julie! I'm thinking over my list and will post soon! Also, I think perhaps we should go do a book signing together in a foreign country, because that sounds like a fabulous idea for my list! Release day buddies should stick together. Don't you think?

  2. Julie Cross September 9, 2014 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Yes! lets do this. Which foreign destination shall we head to? Maybe stay a month and research, check two items with one trip.

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