Yes, you read it correctly…I’ve actually decided to devote an entire post to vomit. It’s quite possible publication, for me, has caused insanity. Possible, not probable. Anyway, with the help of my brand new teen panel, The Perfect Ten, I plan to give a little insight into the world of spewing…not the empowering kind as in the movie Stand By Me…that was all kinds of awesome. We should all learn from this movie and face bullying and harassment with gallons of cheery pie vomit.

But today, I’m paying tribute the embarrassing, unplanned moments and more importantly, to John Green’s, Looking For Alaska. A book I recently had the pleasure of reading.

Looking For Alaska

And yeah, I realize I’m several years late but to my credit, this was my third John Green novel. I just didn’t read them in publication order. I adored this book with a capitol A. It reminded me a lot of Catcher In The Rye…especially the main character, sixteen year old Miles. It was so funny and heartbreaking to walk through these embarrassing and life changing moments with Miles as he tried to shake the nerd from his image and failed miserably. And yet he was beyond cool in so many ways, not too mention one of the most relateable (not a word?) characters I have ever read in a YA novel.

Any of you who have read this book will remember Miles’ first “almost date” with Lara which is supposed to be followed by his first “almost hook up.” Unfortunately, this turns out to be one big epic fail after Miles is knocked over by a basketball at a school game, hits his head on the gym floor, and in his concussed state, he spews all over the lovely Lara’s shoes.Charming. I know.

Does life get any more humiliating than that? Hard to say. But I asked my super awesome teen panel what they thought were the worst places to be when you’re about to spew, concussed or not, this has happened to all of us…so here we go:

#5-A bus or public transportation

#4-Crowded swimming pool

#3-A motorcycle

#2-During a stage performance

#1-School Cafeteria

I’m feeling the heavy waves of humiliation just from typing this list! Oh man…I can’t even imagine. Now we want to hear from you…in fact…tells us your most embarrassing, completely true spew story in the comment section and The Perfect 10 and myself will choose the story containing the highest level of humiliation and award that person with a personalized signed copy of Tempest, by yours truly.

We’d also love to hear what you thought about our featured YA novel, Looking For Alaska and a few of The Perfect 10 will be giving their short reviews in the comment section as well. It seems I’m not the only one inspired by the awesome writing of YA author, John Green.

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